Ana-GH Review – Best HGH For Muscle Gain


Ana-GH is a powerful anabolic supplement used for muscle growth and increased strength, one of the best hgh for muscle gain. It is a popular and safe alternative to the steroid Anadrol 50 (also called Anadral) without the side effects. Ana-GH stands for Anadral Growth Hormone as it combines the ingredients of Anadral with growth hormones.

How It Works

Ana-GH helps in bulking up by feeding the muscles with growth factors which causes rapid muscle growth while building strength for more intense workouts. It also aids in water retention thus protecting joints during weight lifting.


Ana-GH contains a massive dose of amino acids that boosts muscle gain as follows;

L -Leucine (1500 mg) – boosts HGH production, supplies energy while preserving Best HGH For Muscle Gainand healing lean muscle tissue, skin and bone.
L-Arginine (400 mg) – boosts HGH production, increases blood flow, builds muscle tissue, increases fat metabolism and boosts immunity.
L-Valine (750 mg) – helps in building and repairing muscle.
L-Isoleucine (750 mg) – increases endurance, speeds recovery time after intense workouts and regulates blood sugar.
Acetyle L-carnitine (400 mg) – supplies energy to the brain and improves fat metabolism.
L-Alanine (200 mg) – draws up blood sugar as an energy source for the body.
Cysteine – boosts blood flow and antioxidants and preserves lean muscle mass.
Horny Goat Weed – restores testosterone and boosts stamina (and also boosts sexual drive which explains the name).

Benefits……read more

Builds and repairs muscle.
Preserves lean muscle by eliminating muscle breakdown during intensive workouts.
Boosts the immune system and hormones resulting in faster healing of wounds.
Improves fat metabolism which aids in weight loss and growth of muscles.
Protects joints while weight lifting.
There are no known side effects.

Recommended Usage

8 capsules to be taken daily, 4 in the AM and 4 in the PM.
Alternatively all 8 capsules can be taken all at once, once a day.


Ana-GH is an excellent supplement which when taken as recommended will promote building muscle as well as increasing stamina and weight loss without the steroid downside.


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