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Crazystack-The Ultimate Bulking Stack To Build Muscle Mass


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 Muscle Building Stack

“Stacking” is a term used within bodybuilding and athletes’ circles experienced in supplementing. It refers to using more than one supplement simultaneously or a combination of multiple supplements.

Its aim is to enhance the outcome when the compounds are combined together in tandem with a bulking diet and exercise routine.


Crazy Mass is a US-based company that offers steroids manufactured legally in the US in an FDA approved laboratory and whose products are distributed globally.

The company is now offering “CrazyMass – Ultimate Stack”; six of its most popular supplements in a single package. This package includes 6 bottles namely;

1 D-Anaoxn
1 Testosteroxn
1 Decadrolone
1 T-Bal 75
1 Clentrimix
1 A-Anolone

Muscle Building Stack

The compounds work great as stand-alone supplements but they exceed expectations when combined resulting in increases in energy, muscle mass, recovery and size. There have been reports of 20-30lb gains with a cycle of eight weeks and a bulking diet and workout program.

How it the muscle building stack works

The effect of active ingredients in each of the stand-alone supplements is magnified in the presence of the other anabolic compounds.

This results in massive muscle gain when using a stack during a bulking cycle as opposed to working out without supplements where gains are minimal.

A majority of body builders have attested to experiencing a plateau at a point in time where further progress is almost non-existent. The CrazyMass-Ultimate Stack package helps overcome the plateau.

Side effects

The ingredients used in the manufacture of supplements in the CrazyMass Ultimate Stack package are 100% natural and hence do not cause any harmful side effects.

Where to get it

All CrazyMass products are only available on their official website. Although you can purchase each of the six supplements individually, the bulking stack is available at a discounted price of $281.00. This limited offer saves you 40%. see website for updated price list.
Shipping is free within the United States on any size order and international shipments are a flat fee.

The Verdict

All things considered, this bulking stack has proven to be safe and effective in the pursuit of gaining muscle mass fast. Its use will lead to drastic increase in strength, mass, size as well as boosting energy levels and helping in recovery.