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Penis Enlargement Exercises – Natural Ways To Increase Length And Girth


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Best Penis Enlargement Exercises

Everything you need to know about the best penis enlargement exercises
It is not what you are that is holding you back; it is what you think you are not.

You should love yourself first and everything else will fall in place.

Penis enlargement refers to the different techniques aimed at increasing the erectile rigidity, length and girth of your penis.

There are several techniques of increasing the size of your penis, some of these techniques include; surgical procedures, stretching devices and manual exercise of your penis.

A little knowledge on the benefits of natural penis enlargement exercise will go a long way in helping you understand how natural penis enlargement exercises will help you have a large and wider penis.

Benefits Of Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

Benefits Of Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

Some of the benefits of natural penis enlargement exercises include;

*The exercise will send required nutrients to the penile tissues for expansion and improve the flow of blood in        your body.
• The physical exercise will stretch the penile tissues for enlargement
• The natural exercise will also increase the supplements effectiveness for a fast penis enlargement.
• It will help you control and eradicate pre-mature ejaculation
• It will help enjoy a stronger erection
• It will also help straighten your curved penis

The best natural penis enlargement exercise should be performed with moderation and care as it could increase your size but it could also prove to be dangerous.

In the event you apply too much force during these exercises, you could experience; bruises and injuries.

However, some of the best natural penis enlargement exercises available include;

Best Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise

You should not tolerate disrespect, even from yourself. The following comprises of the best natural penis enlargement exercises available to help you increase your size;

Kegel Exercise:

This natural penis enlargement exercise helps you increase the size of your penis through the increased blood flow that is directed towards the penis and the bladder through the contractions gained from the natural exercise.


This is an effective and simple exercise and with your partially erect penis, you are required to slowly stroke up your penis shaft towards the glans. This will use the principle of muscle building to increase the girth and length of your penis and direct rich nutrients to your penis.

Best Penis Enlargement Exercises


stretching is also another impressive exercise for beginners that increase your length.

Penile Ballooning:

This is the safest penis enlargement method that directs blood into your penis.

Penis Pumps:

This is a cylinder that goes into your penis and through an electrical or manual means you will create a partial vacuum in the cylinder and with the decrease in pressure the tissues in your penis will expand and filled with blood.

Penis Hangers:

You attach the device like the LG Hanger on your penis and hang a weight. This will cause tension in your pennies tissues and contribute towards your penile growth.

Penile extenders:

These work on the principle of stretching as a mechanical device like the; JES extender, male edge extender or SizeGenetics holds and stretches your penis for some time. 

Remember not to ignore the safety measures while performing the best natural penis exercise. Knowledge is power feel free to apply them to increase the size of your penis.